A Gathering at the Huller House

A Gathering at the Huller House

My Ninja friends and I gathered at the Huller House this weekend. I thought I would show you some highlights of the fabulous weekend.

First, to set the record straight.  We are not all Ninjas, or hairdressers as our attire might lead you to believe although we are rocking the Chi Pro hairdryer.  We were, in fact, dressed in black to celebrate and/or “mourn” the 50th birthday of a fellow ‘birdie’ Gina.  She will arrive shortly so that games and merriment can commence.

Nothing like a few party games to get the evening off to a great start. Pin the tail on the donkey?  Hardly.

We stayed for the weekend in beautiful Georgia weather.  The next day was sunny, warm and wonderful.

Terri opened her lake house to the 10 of us.  Even though we can be stealthy Ninjas, most of the weekend was far from quiet.

Our wonderful hostess showing some “moves.”  Not quite sure what the “moves” are nonetheless, we have quite a few photos that look like this.  Hmmm.

We watched the UGA game and ate some great snacks.


We also played Left Right Center.  Kim and I were the big winners.

My left hand was itching.  The old wives tales rock!!!  Don’t worry, Ladies, you will see your cash again.  I believe in pay it forward.  Or should that be pay it backwards?

The view from the deck was beautiful. I enjoyed the water, colored trees and flowers.

In the evening, we had a Thanksgiving feast.  We are a little early for the actual holiday, but we take time when we can to be thankful our more than 40 year friendship.

Both ends of the table.

A harvest angel watching over us.

Later that night we lit paper lanterns and watched them float from the dock way up into the starry sky.

The next day some of us went to the nearby Factory Shoals. It is a pretty place but from what I am reading, can be a tricky feature to navigate safely if you choose to go on the rocks.  Be careful! Slippery!



Well, that’s the weekend. Hope you enjoyed yours!

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  1. Sherri November 4, 2012 at 9:44 pm #

    Looks like you had a great weekend! Beautiful pictures!

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