We made our yearly day-trip to Ellijay, GA to visit some apple houses. The clouds were quite interesting today.  I have never seen rows of clouds like this before. Maybe someone more meteorologically-inclined can tell me why there were textured stripes today.


First stop was Panorama Farm Market.  Lots of cheap pumpkins since today was Halloween. Raw pumpkin makes my arms itch when I carve them,  so I passed on the jack-o-lanterns this year.


One of my favorite things to get at Panorama is their apple cider doughnuts and their apple cider slushes.  It was a little chilly for a slush but I didn’t mind.  I also bought some Pink Lady apples.  The samples were delicious.


Then, we went across the street to Penland Apples to get their fried apple pies to eat with the slush.  It’s starting to seem like an apple scavenger hunt.


Their pies are good because they are light on the cinnamon and don’t use dried apples with sulfites. It is hard to find fried pies of any kind without sulfites.  Coughing to ensue if sulfites are present.


Finally, we finished our apple hunt at Merciers – the mother of all apple houses.  It’s giant and filled to the brim with customers.


I bought apple cider from Merciers and a bag of pasta which I will cook soon.


Many varieties from which to choose while being serenaded by live music.  The place is huge and very crowded.


There’s even an apple tree inside.


While we shopped individually, one of us stayed with Chupa while he explored the grounds. There were geese and swans to his delight.


The rows of apple trees are behind the lake.  You can also pick your own if you wish.


We finished the trip with a stop at Colonel Poole’s BBQ.  I love their Brunswick Stew.


At the grounds of Colonel Poole’s you can purchase a plastic pig sign with your name on it.  I bought one for Olivia and Davis years ago but I still haven’t found it. They won’t tell you where they put them.


The signs are in the shape of a pig on the hill.  It’s a fun place to go in Ellijay. With our trunk full, we headed home and enjoyed all of our goodies from our apple house excursion.


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