Basketball Game

Basketball Game

Olivia needed her big, strong brother to help her rearrange her room at college.  We headed up for an afternoon of manual labor followed by a Berry basketball game.

Olivia’s bed was lofted really, really high over her desk and dresser with NO GUARD RAIL.  As a mom, I considered it just too high!!!!!


Olivia wanted us to unloft the beds so she could have more sitting space for friends.  Good idea, I’m thinking….and no super high bed anymore.  Do you ever stop worrying about your children????  That’s a long drop to the floor!


Here’s the crew.  First is the roomie, Ashley.


Next is the hard working sibling team of Davis and Olivia.  And lest you think he’s breaking a real sweat, this photo was totally posed as I began to focus.  It’s another example of why I don’t EVER have a Christmas card photo.  They NEVER pose together nicely without making faces or weird gestures.


They finally got the bed down and then lofted the desk shelves. Should I send a helmet for when she does her homework to guard against the falling sloths?


Looks good and perfect for friends. Look!  One has already wandered this way to try it out.


After working in the room, we headed to the Berry basketball game.  We passed the Kitten Barn next to Olivia’s dorm.   I’m sure it has another name besides the Kitten Barn but not much goes on in there that I’ve ever seen except some kittens scampering about so it has earned its name. No kittens today, though.  Too cold.


We also passed the eagle nest. I circled it in case you couldn’t find it.  Although it is large in real life, it looks small from the ground. Kinda like Olivia’s lofted bed except eagles have stick guard rails!  They really do!  Go check out the live feed.


The game was in the Cage Center.  When I win the billion dollars this week, you can expect to see a Julie Center for baton twirling and flute playing.


We made it to the game with time to spare.

8 7

Berry wins. 81 to 65.  Those are some tall fellas. Talented, too!



Then it was time to head back to the city of peaches. Our job was done.

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  1. Merry Carol January 11, 2016 at 9:37 pm #

    So, tell me, was this another fun Murphy weekend…or what????

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