Davis attended his college orientation at Berry College.  The name of the orientation is Soar. Normally a college orientation isn’t that exciting so hopefully I can dazzle you with brilliance to keep you interested.  Here I go.

The sky did its best to welcome us to the college.


We started off in the Ford Dining Hall named after Henry Ford, the Henry Ford. When you donate lots of money, you get buildings named after you.  The story goes that when Henry Ford visited Berry, Martha Berry had students go along ahead of him and move his portrait from room to room as he walked along so that it looked like he had a photo in multiple rooms. Clever fundraising.


Olivia who also attends Berry lived in the Ford Complex her freshman year.  Many claim it to be haunted and Olivia even has some photos that are eerily interesting.  I’ll save that story for another post.


I went upstairs to the balcony to take a picture of the room. You can’t see it in this angle but there is a large fireplace to the right and in the winter, they sometimes have dinners here and light the fires.  It really makes you feel like you’ve gone back in time or jumped into Hogwarts.


Davis waited patiently in line. He has his best hula shirt on and  it will now be a forever shirt since they took student ID’s today.


Also in the balcony was this window and table.  I guess this space is a choir loft of sorts.  I’m not really sure.


This is a private liberal arts college and they aren’t afraid to offer up a prayer or emphasize a devotion to God.  Love it.


Berry is the largest college campus in the world in terms of acreage.  It is home to both wildlife and domesticated animals.  The deer are not shy and most often do not run away.



The cows are a little more skittish but a few are friendly and will pose for you.


This one ambled off with a challenging stare.



The campus is ringed with magnolia trees and they perfumed the air.


Davis got his room for the orientation and then headed off for activities.


I had parent meetings and then I went to quickly check into my hotel.  I squeezed in a speedy trip to my favorite gourmet cookware store before heading back to campus.  I bought a few cake pans that I can’t wait to try.  They are tall with flat sides. A cake-making session will be coming soon.



There are more stores for another day.


We had dinner in the ballroom.  We sat at round tables that seated 10 people each. The meal was a buffet served over to the side but the dessert was plated and put on the tables ahead of time.   The man beside me kept telling his wife how good the bread looked. I looked around and did not see any bread except on the buffet.   I finally figured out he was talking about the cookies.  He reached over and ate one before dinner and never did correct himself after tasting it.  Then, his wife took FOUR of the ten strawberries for herself.  They were quite a pair.  I had a chess bar for my dessert because I know from past trips how good they are and it’s one of Berry’s signature desserts.


I chased the sunset and called it a night. More orientation activities tomorrow and then we head home. Davis is really looking forward to attending here and it is easy to understand why.  It’s a very well-run school on a gorgeous campus.  I think it’s a wonderful place to spend your college days.



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