Buttons, Beads, Blocks, Bells, and Googly Eyes

Buttons, Beads, Blocks, Bells, and Googly Eyes

I like lots o’ stuff.  I like it at home and I like it at school.  My rule is that it has to fit in what ever space I have.  If it doesn’t then it is time to thin and/or rearrange. This was the case today at school.  I opened a crafty drawer and to my horror it was a mishmash of sequins, blocks, beads, jingle bells, tiny teddy bears, wooden ladybugs, and lots of other things all jumbled together.  It was time to sort.


Easier said than done.  My attention span lasted through the buttons (I love all buttons) and then I started tossing. Did I really need 20 odd foam flowers and leftover pieces of twine.  Nope.  I finished in time to keep my sanity amongst the glitter, sequins and popsicle sticks (one drawer for small ones, one for large ones, and one for colored ones).


Then I reassembled my crafty cabinet.  Ahhhhhhh.  I can relax now.


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  1. Merry Carol May 7, 2016 at 8:15 pm #

    Good job, Julie…now, come to my house and repeat your exercise in tidiness in my craft room.

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