Christmas 2016

Christmas 2016

No complaints around here from Christmas.  We showered each other with gifts and we spent time with the family on Christmas day.  Here are a few highlights.

We start our morning with a present hunt. 7:30 was our Christmas wake-up time this year.   Each year, I hide 12 of their gifts with an ornament from one of the 12 Days of Christmas.  After they have found 12 gifts around the house, they know to head back to the family room for a few more gifts and of course, stockings full of goodies.

I pretty much always hide a gift in the oven.  This year I hid a gift in each oven thinking that they might stop after the first one.  They didn’t and both hiding places were discovered in quick succession. I can see I’m going to have to up my game next year.

I love my new laser light.  It is the kind you see on the fronts of every other house this year.  I guess we were all excited about this new style of outdoor lighting.  I decided to bring mine inside into the front living room.  I love it inside better than outside because I get to see it instead of the neighbors and passerbys!    This reminds me of Beauty and the Beast dancing in the ballroom.  It is over the top and fun.  Just what I like best!

After gifts we had breakfast of coconut toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon,  and then headed off to church.  By now it was daylight and the stained glass windows were beautiful inside.

After the service, we drove back to my mom’s house to meet Steve and his family.  Here are round robin photos of almost everyone. Davis had his eyes closed in his and I looked goofy in mine so you will get 75% of the family plus a bonus Christmas kitty.




Elyse and Sally


Bonus Christmas Kitty

We played games and ate lunch at my mom’s house.  Then it was time for Steve and Diane to head to her mom’s house so our day was done. Time to clean up and enjoy our new gifts.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

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  1. Anonymous December 28, 2016 at 6:56 am #

    Looks like tons of fun…seriously, great day.

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