Christmas Music

Christmas Music

Davis had 3 opportunities to sing in Christmas programs this year.  Last night we went to The Bobbie Bailey Performing Arts Center in Kennesaw, GA to hear him sing with  Tara Winds  and his high school chorus, Chanticleer.  Can you find him?  Let me help with a zoom….

DSCF6673 DSCF6799 DSCF6800


It was a great concert featuring Chanticleer and professional soloists Matt McCord and Amber Greer.



On a less formal note, Davis also sings with the Cartpath Barbershop Chorus here in Peachtree City, so named because of the numerous golf cart paths within the city.  Davis aspires to have a mustache like the gentleman to his right.



Captain America is coming to your town soon!



I hope you get to enjoy some Christmas music over the next few weeks.  I certainly have enjoyed these great concerts of holiday music. Thanks, Davis!

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