Cute and Fun

Cute and Fun

I know from the title you are probably thinking…”That Julie Girl sure is Cute and Fun!  She must be going to put a picture of herself on this post.”

Awww shucks.  Hard as it may be to believe, there are actually things out in this world that are even more cute and fun than me!!! For example, these elf shoes with Oreo “socks.”  Now this is really the definition of cute and fun.

These are easy to make.  I took red holiday Oreos (only found in Walmart are here) and mint Oreos (found in all grocery stores around here) and alternated 8 of them in a cellophane treat bag from Wilton.

Next I cut 6 shoes from this pattern found at Quilt Taffy. Next time I will use a green cardstock instead of a thick paper.  The paper was too thin and didn’t hold its shape well, but it was the best green I had.  Elves can be pretty particular, you know.

ElfShoesTemplate (1)

After cutting my paper, Olivia said they looked plain so I added a little glitter.  Nothing like glitter and food together.  Can’t go wrong there. (There needs to be a sarcasm font.)

Now we are going to take them back apart and eat them.  You might be thinking it would be quicker just to eat Oreos out of the bag.  I say to you…sorry, that’s not cute or fun.

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