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Julie S Murphy Photo

Frankly Southern a place for my friends and family to gather online and talk about our extraordinary blessings of everyday life. Each day is an opportunity to explore, wonder, , laugh, cook, connect, and enjoy.


I’m Julie and I live 30 minutes south of Atlanta, Ga in Peachtree City.  I deeply appreciate my home and family.  I have two college-aged children and two toddler-aged pets who take delight in chewing, scratching, and asking for money.  The pets beg for attention, too.

Frankly Southern is about Attitude

I try to approach each day with a lighthearted attitude and a sense of whimsy.  Admittedly, it doesn’t always happen but its a daily goal.  I consider every excursion, no matter how near or far, to be exciting because I love to explore and see new places and faces. I mostly stay busy but I enjoy a good day of rest, too! Those are the days for the screened porch or the couch in front of a classic movie with popcorn and other tasty treats.


Frankly Southern is About a Life Well-Lived

My motto? Try something new today!  Life is a gift and there are lots of amazing adventures out there. I enjoy trying new recipes, making interesting crafts, poking around in the yard, taking long walks, and trying a new hobby.  How does my motto fit into my lifestyle since I’m not exactly the National Geographic exploring daredevil? I do what I enjoy and try not to worry about trends or what other people are thinking.  Age brings a certain peace of mind about that.

I consider my life to be an extraordinary ordinary one.  The phrase is an oxymoron and a contradiction but it’s true. I have a very ordinary life working as a teacher in the suburbs of Atlanta yet I delight in all of the extraordinary little opportunities life brings my way.  I maintain curiosity, develop habits of gratitude, keep in touch with friends, and above all treasure a sense of humor.  If you share these pursuits, you’ll fit right in here at Frankly Southern.

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