Greensboro, GA

Greensboro, GA

President’s Day dawned beautiful and sunny so my mom, daughter and I went to eat in Greensboro, GA.

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HA! You know I love my Photoshop!!!   Actually it was my mom, sister-in-law Diane, and I who went to eat lunch but I didn’t Photoshop them into the booth. They were  a little camera-shy so I respected their exclusionary wishes.  Had they known how beautiful I could have made them, I’m sure they would have clamored for inclusion.

We went to the Yesterday Cafe. It is a sweet little diner with old photos adorning the walls.  Lots of veteran’s photos and interesting captions.


They also had a guest book at each table for entertaining reading and signing while you waited for your meal.


Not the typical response but it was worth a photo!


The Fried Green Tomato BLC (Bacon, Lettuce, and Cheese) didn’t disappoint.  I guess I should have lifted the cheese so you could get a good look at the tomatoes.  They were fried to perfection and served with the best horseradish sauce I have ever eaten.


We walked around town a bit.  The county seat of Green County is in Greensboro. It was founded in 1786.  Currently the population is about 3300 people making it a charming small town destination in Georgia.


The Yesterday Cafe is in the building to the left of the insurance sign.


One wonderful store sold Georgia artisan artworks and products.  I was trying to sneak a photo because sometimes art places don’t like you taking photos. So I was very proud of myself to get this one only to find one of the gracious salesladies about 4 feet from me.  Remind me never to commit a crime because I will be caught instantaneously.


The outside was just as charming.  Why don’t my winter pots look like this?


We also went across the street to an antique shop.


I found another vintage syrup dispenser.  I need to have a big pancake party soon.  Syrup for everyone!4

Shopping completed and lunch eaten, we headed back home.  It was a nice break in the winter routine.


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    Looks like fun!

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