Happy Birthday Olivia

Happy Birthday Olivia

My sweet little Olivia turned 21.  I can hardly believe it.


We went to one of her favorite restaurants for brunch yesterday.  She loves to go to Two Urban Licks in Atlanta.  This gigantically long table in the bar area also has a running water fountain down the middle of it.  Just one of the reasons Olivia loves this place so much.  It’s interesting and eclectic.


Since it was brunch Olivia was able to order fish and grits.  She liked it and would order it again.  I got the chicken and biscuits with gravy.  Tasty.


Davis and John joined the celebration along with my mom. She was backlit to my left, so no photos this time.z4

After ordering, Olivia opened her gifts.  First, gifts from Grandma.


And next, gifts from me.  I wanted to be sensitive to the fact that we were in an upscale restaurant and after all, Olivia was turning a mature 21, so I decided to give her a nice, discreetly wrapped gift to mark the occasion.

Ha!  Are you kidding?  I went full TACO!!!


I got a taco pinata and filled it full of candy and her gift which continued with the taco theme.  It was a Betsy Johnson purse shaped like a taco. I slipped a bit of money inside and “Hot Tamale” we were in business!


Olivia has embraced this refrigerator magnet.  I wonder why?  Couldn’t be me!

she was determined to find a cure for embarrassing-mom syndrome

Now you know who to call for Taco Tuesday.  Olivia Ole’!

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  1. Anonymous September 10, 2016 at 2:04 pm #

    Happy Birthday, Olivia from Barbara.

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