Heated Rice Pack Cuteness

Heated Rice Pack Cuteness

I made some heated rice packs to keep us warm on cold winter evenings and you can see who ends up sleeping on them.

March 2014

Heated rice packs are pretty quick and easy to make if you have a sewing machine and a fat quarter of fabric. Or any leftover fabric for that matter.  First cut three rectangles of fabric.  The first one is 14 X 7.  The second one is 10 X 7 and the last is 8X7

3 pieces

On the two shorter pieces, hem one end of each.

pink sewing

Lay the fabric with patterned sides together where the two shorter pieces overlap.  Pin together and sew around the outside.

pin together


Turn the fabric inside out through the slit from the overlapping, hemmed sides.

reverse side


One side will be solid, the other side will have a slit in it.



For a liner to hold the rice, cut two 14X7 pieces of plain white muslin and sew around three sides (or use any leftover fabric).  Empty a 1 pound 12 ounce bag of rice into the muslin liner.  Sew the end shut.  Insert the muslin rice bag into the outer bag through the slit.


Microwave for two minutes and enjoy the warm, long-lasting heat from the rice.  You can also fill the inner bag with dried beans but I like the smell of the rice better. Jasmine rice has a fragrant aroma.


Now, fight your puppy off of your new rice pack! Or not!



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