I Know Him!

I Know Him!

As Buddy the Elf would say, “I know him. I know him!!!”


I had a wonderful Friday night at the Douglasville Christmas Parade and Tree Lighting. Terri invited me to go along with her and her fab sister-in-laws to see Santa.


I must admit I never pass up an opportunity to see Santa and make sure he knows the route to my door, however this visit was even more special.  You see, I have known this Santa for 46 years.



Spoiler Alert for the Young and Young at Heart:  Although he looks completely authentic, this particular Santa is Terri’s older brother, John.  He’s a “real bearded” Santa who has been to Santa school and does a wonderful job in his holiday role.  We watched him talk to children and listen to their hearts’ desires.  Such a sweet evening.



After talking to children, he hopped onto a vintage fire truck and led the parade in front of the Douglasville Conference Center and beyond.  We donned our festively bright and blinking ornament necklaces and cheered on the floats and performers.



Another vintage truck from the Douglasville public works.




This next float was a nativity with children dressed as animals and adorably making animals noises from the fenced-in part of the front and back of the float as they passed.


Now to depart from the parade for a moment…for those of you East Pointers reading this post, I will take you down “Memory Lane” for a moment.  One of my first times to hang out with Terri and John and the rest of the family was at Grayson Field in Sumner Park.  I put some money in my white wicker purse with the curved plastic handle and headed out for the field to see the cutie then-brown-haired John play little league baseball and also see the ever-so-dreamy Jamie Anderson.

I was wearing my white leather sandles and my best 70’s attire of blue cotton culottes with a white eyelet blouse.  Terri and I sat together and ate snow cones and watched a bit of the game. That was truly the beginning of a life-long friendship.  I am always intrigued  at how we can pick friends as eight-year-olds that last us our whole lives. What makes us able to find compatible qualities in a person at such a young age?  Long friendships have always been fascinating to me.

Sumner Park in East Point, GA.


Now, as explained above, Santa and I go way back so if you have any special requests, I think I can get a word to him before the big day!  And, seriously, if you need a terrific Santa for a special event, this Santa is a must call.  I will be happy to share his contact information.  Just have your elves call my elves and we can make it happen!



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  1. Terri December 6, 2015 at 7:45 pm #

    I am so lucky to have you as a lifetime friend!!

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