Lake House Weekend

Lake House Weekend

I had a wonderful opportunity to spend a weekend in North Carolina with my friends at Joanna’s lake house.  Here is the woman of the week, Joanna.  On Thursday she was in a hospital bed and on Friday she was hosting all of us.  Wonder Woman!

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I love everything about this house but I especially love the stones.




Gina from above.


We went to Blue Ridge, GA, too.  We are walking to our restaurant for lunch.

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Look at me taking candid photos while they peruse the menu.8

I’ve been discovered.


The restaurant was good however don’t order the corn chips.  They are Tostitos.  And don’t order the cheesy flat bread.  It’s a cheese filled tortilla.  However, do order the hamburgers.  They are delicious.

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And try the beers or if you are nonalky, try the ginger beer.  It was refreshing.

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We exchanged charms on the porch of my friend Kim’s new store, Presents of Mine.

Go here to place an order for some great personalized gifts.

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The Hamburglar strikes again!

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We headed back to the house after a day of shopping at Blue Ridge.


The Hamburglar didn’t find any hamburgers so she got a glass of wine instead.

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The sunset was gorgeous and I took way too many pictures of it.  Here are just a few.

20 21 23 24

The weather was perfect for sitting out with friends and catching up.

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Finally, we headed in for some fiercely competitive games.  LCR is a favorite of ours.  Big bucks are at stake.  At least 10 dollars!


Nancy on the left is discussing strategy with Gina on the right.  Nancy introduced us to the game yet has never won when we have played.


Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!


Another Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!


Loser, Loser….I can’t think of anything that rhymes.

(BTW..They are posing for me. They aren’t really pouting.)


Breakfast the next morning was homemade Cheese Danish and Sausage and Cheesy Grits Casserole.  You can find the recipes here at


We packed up our coolers (thank you Olivia for making me a cardinal cooler – see her other cooler here) and headed back home.  Till next time Birdies!

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    • Julie March 27, 2014 at 4:09 pm #

      It is a stunning house! Great hostess who owns it, too.

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