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Olivia is working at an organic farm this summer.  She loves it.  Recently, she brought home a little surprise from the fungus department.  The owner gave her a mushroom log.  She told Olivia that she thought Olivia would make a great Mushroom Mama.


I like it more as a centerpiece rather than a food source.


Olivia has to keep it moist and dark.  Not conducive to my middle of the table sunny location.



I haven’t tried to eat any yet.  After my recent ants on the Peep debacle, I’m not in any hurry to eat anything more exotic than a McDonald’s double cheeseburger, although I’m probably worse off with that than the ants I unknowingly ingested in the dark as I popped a Peep in my mouth while breezing through the kitchen one evening.


I’ll let you know who is the brave mushroom eater in the house. Personally, I think fungi are best left for the forest floor so it probably won’t be me.  My loss, I know. Picky eaters lead a bland life but that’s okay in my book.



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