New Year's Eve

New Year’s Eve

We had a day of shopping today since the rain finally let up. We went to  Houston’s first for lunch.


We hadn’t been to Houston’s in quite a while so we were pleased that the food and service were both as excellent as we remembered.


I had chicken and my mom and Olivia had fish.  All good choices.


We breezed past the Pink Pig and the Pink Pig ride.


I asked Olivia if she wanted to ride it but since she is no longer 7, it wasn’t as appealing to her.  Imagine that.  These pink items were more appealing.


I’m thinking…do we really need 150 shades of lipstick? I usually end up using peppermint chapstick. If I really go crazy, I whip out the bear grease.

We shopped for a bit at Lenox Square Mall in Atlanta.  Olivia used to call it the “Square Mall” when she was little.


And then we had to take a cupcake break at Sprinkles.


I am now saving the best for last.  On the way home we saw this house.  Love the unashamedly over the top Christmas decorations.  Too much fun!


You can’t get it all in one photo.


How they survived all the rain, I’ll never know.


And now it’s home to watch the ball drop.


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