Pet Condo

Pet Condo

I spent a long time today refurbishing our pet condo.  We have to leave the cat and the dog from time to time (shocking as it may seem that I don’t spend 24/7 with my pets) and I don’t want to crate the dog so we came up with the indoor kennel solution.  The first time I saw one was at my friend Gina’s house many years ago. Ours needed a bit of decorating pizzazz as I was feeling a bit dizzy from all the colors and patterns of the hand-me-down rugs, blankets and chair covers that had previously made their way into the condo.  Here is my newly renovated Murphy Pet Condo.


It is right off the door to the garage and Chupa scoots right in whenever we ask.  He seems to be quite fond of it. The cat has his tree and litter box in there, too. I’m going to go tomorrow to look for a tan litter box although the pop of color isn’t too bad.  (Isn’t that what decorators say?)


Chupa was all smiles.


And now… when the lights go down, it’s party time at the pet condo.  Eight function light switch for lots of disco action.


And that’s how I spent June 27, 2016.

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2 Responses to Pet Condo

  1. Merry Carol June 27, 2016 at 10:08 pm #

    Is there a better way to spend June 27? I don’t think so…I had a crown put on a molar today…so, which is the better way?

    • Julie June 28, 2016 at 9:17 am #

      I choose pets over dentists any day! I would choose just about anything over dentists every day.

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