Bacon Cups

Bacon Cups

Bacon Cups are a fun way to serve grits, eggs, and cheese. They may take a little prep to make them but the outcome is clever and appealing.  Whenever I serve Bacon Cups, my guests always ask how to make them.  My best tip is to use aluminum foil generously for easy clean up from the grease.  Also be sure to weave or intertwine the bacon in order for it to stay together after you pull it off the pan.  If you don’t, you will have coils of stacked bacon rather than Bacon Cups.

Bacon Cups Take me Back to the Seventies

We used to go camping in the 1970’s.   We had a pop-up camper at first and then switched to a travel trailer that you pulled on a  hitch.  Each month we would go to a different state park in Georgia and meet our other camping friends for  the weekend.  Once a year we would go to a national camping rally in states far and near.

Now whenever I smell bacon, I am instantly and aromatically taken back to whatever state park we were camping in.  Every morning moms and dads would get up and light their little camping stoves and start making bacon, eggs, and coffee.  As I walked to the not so nearby bath house, I would see and enjoy the smell of each campsite.

Remember These? 

We also ate cereal out of little cardboard boxes with foil lining and drank sodas from bottles.  These are all gone now in favor of plastic and aluminum but the memory lives on.  I like to think of Bacon Cups as my own personal memory jog for these days I enjoyed out in nature.  Time does fly but still some thing stay the same.  A good breakfast in the company of family and friends is one thing I hope never changes.

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