Bean Dip

Bean Dip Casserole

Bean dip Casserole is a crowd-pleaser for picky eaters.  It is hard to find recipes that please all the different eaters who pass through my doors.  I have a vegetarian, a world-class athlete, a Paleo, a gluten-free,  a carnivore, a give me anything guy,  and a sometimes kosher eater.  About the only thing that there is left to serve is ice. However,  I will have to say that this Bean Dip Casserole  was a pretty good choice for most everyone on the list.

Were you in the Clean Plate Club?

Most of us grew up as a member of the Clean Plate Club. If your mom made a casserole and you didn’t like it, you ate it anyway.  You had to clean your plate regardless of your food preferences.  Not so much today! Many kids eat a lot of fast food and they don’t really sit down at the table with a plate handed to them.  I’m not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.  I’m all for choices but it sure is making for a generation of picky eaters.  The Bean Dip Casserole tonight seemed to span the preferences and I didn’t hear any complaints.

I always use vegetarian beans for my Bean Dip Casserole.

Most people don’t know it but the refried beans you buy in the can mostly contain lard. When making this Bean Dip Casserole for a vegetarian, always look for the vegetarian variety of beans.  As my daughter likes to say when I slip up and serve something that was supposed to be vegetarian, “Zero days since my last meat incident.”  She’s a good sport but I do try to support her choice to be vegetarian.  The good thing is she can be part of the clean plate club, too when I serve this casserole.

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