Butter Cream Coffee Cake is an elegant treat for your next brunch.

Butter Cream Coffee Cake

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Butter Cream Coffee Cake is the absolute best coffee cake you will ever taste.  Ever!  The cake is moist and rich while the filling is light and fluffy. And don’t forget the delicate crumbly topping.  One taste and you will call this cake a Broadway triple threat with its equally delicious topping, filling, and cake.

Bring Copies of the Butter Cream Coffee Cake Recipe

When I take this Butter Cream Coffee Cake to a gathering, I am always sure to bring along copies of the recipe because everyone wants it.  I first got a copy of the recipe from my mother who got her copy from my aunt Merry Carol.  She will have to divulge where she first came by the recipe because I don’t know that history.  We  have all made and shared this recipe many times.

I am a freezer addict so I am delighted that the Butter Cream Coffee Cake freezes very well.  Mostly I freeze the leftovers in small pieces so I can enjoy a sliver with my work day lunches during the week.  A typical lunch for me is soup, salad, and a perfect little square of dessert.  I like to pack a size that doesn’t make me feel guilty for eating it but does the job satisfying my sweet tooth.

Come Over for Coffee and Cake

If you are old enough to remember the 1950’s and 60’s, apparently it was a custom for all those working  moms to gather in a home after putting the kiddees on the big yellow bus.  The hostess would provide coffee and cake and the moms would sit around chatting, venting, and most importantly bonding. Some may find it an out-of-date custom, but I think I would find it somewhat idyllic especially since as a teacher, I am the one to meet the kiddees after they get off the bus at school while everyone else is eating cake and drinking coffee at home.

I think we need more friendship opportunities these days.  Sitting together over a pot of coffee and a delicious cake can’t help but make the world a better place.  Butter Cream Coffee Cake is a great opportunity to revive an old custom and bring a smile to someone special.

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