Cheese Fans

Cheese Fans

Cheese Fans are delicious little cheese biscuits with flair.  The fan shape is pretty spectacular and people will think you spent a lot of time making them.  But, I guarantee you won’t spend much time at all pulling together these delicious biscuits for your meal.

Cheese Fans are Your Friend

I adapted this recipe from a paperback cookbook I bought at a library sale for 50 cents.  Dated 1972,  each recipe contains cheese in some form.  I’m not a stinky cheese fan but I do like most cheeses.  You can adapt many recipes to include the type of cheese you like  whether it’s pungent or beginner’s cheddar.   Just don’t use “Floor-Lick” cheese.  One time I was walking through a giant farmer’s market type store and they were giving out cheese samples.  I thought,  “Why not?”  I’m a semi-sophisticated cheese connoisseur.  I’ve been to Heini ‘s Cheese Chalet in Sugarcreek, Ohio, thus I know my way around a wheel of Swiss.  I’ve enjoyed Moon Cheese and I’ve had my fair share of Brie.

Apparently the cheese sample I received didn’t come from any ordinary cow.  It obviously came from a terrifying alien cow because this cheese was vile.  It tasted like what I imagine it would taste like if you had just bent down and licked the floor instead.  Now to add to my distress, this particular store used a clever marketing strategy so you traversed a maze to go through it only to exit after you complete the maze.  Needless to say, the water fountain was at the end of the maze.  Being only half way through the store when I ate the cheese, I got to “enjoy” my floor-lick cheese taste for quite a few aisles before lunging toward the nearest water source.

The moral of this story is to find a cheese that you like and these Cheese Fans will be your friends.   I will stick with beginner’s cheddar but feel free to branch out to other exotic cheeses.  Just keep your water handy.

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