Chili Cheese Log

Easy Chili Cheese Log

I was searching through my grandma’s old recipe box and found a stained and bent card for Chili Cheese Log.  I knew I had found a good recipe by the condition of the card.  Wouldn’t you agree that the best recipe cards have a history splattered all over them? Since my grandma is no longer with us to guide us in her favorites, I have to use my own deductive skills.

Chili Cheese Log is a great party food.

This recipe screams the 70’s to me with its processed cheese and chili powder garnish.  I can remember my young self enjoying this “sophisticated” treat while watching the Love Boat and Fantasy Island on Saturday night TV.  My parents often played cards in the living room with friends and the kids always got to sample their party food.  This Chili Cheese Log  found a place on their snack table amongst the nuts, crackers, and other tidbits.

My grandmother used to entertain her church ladies and bridge club and I can see the Chili Cheese Log as a favorite for them. She loved to cook for others but she was also a busy lady.  Being able to prepare this recipe in advance makes it the perfect party food, however be sure to wrap it tightly in plastic wrap in the refrigerator.

Spice it Up!

You can very easily adjust the seasonings in this recipe to make it spicy hot or not! I tend to eat my food on the not-hot side.  But if you like a good spicy kick, then add more red pepper with the chili powder.  You can’t go wrong by adjusting to make this recipe your own.

You might also try different types of cheeses in the blend such as a good sharp cheddar.  Make sure the cheese has softened to room temperature so it will blend well with the cream cheese. Pepper jack cheese would satisfy those who crave the heat, although I’m happy with the American Cheese.  And now back to the Love Boat with my plate of goodies.

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