Cheese Straws

Classic Southern Cheese Straws

Classic Southern Cheese Straws is an iconic southern dish.  They are savory cheese cookies with a crisp but delicate texture.  I love to serve them alongside chicken salad and fruit for a ladies luncheon or baby shower.  However, you can spice them up and they are perfect for a September tailgate.

What is a Cheese Straw?

Some people have been clouding the issue when it comes to Cheese Straws.  The recipe for puff pastry sprinkled with cheese and then baked comes to mind.  Let me assure you that the Classic Southern Cheese Straw is not a puff –  twisted or sprinkled.  Instead, you mix all of the ingredients together so that the cheese is completely blended into a dough.  Next, you use a cookie press to create long strands of cheese “straws.”  Serve this with sweet tea and you can call yourself a true Southern cook.

Cheese Straws are Everywhere!

In the South, Cheese Straws are everywhere.  You can buy them at fairs, in grocery stores, and get them in restaurants.  However, the best ones are made from scratch at home with real butter and aged sharp cheddar cheese.  Kick it up with a generous dash of red pepper and everyone will love them.

If you don’ t have time to use a cookie press to make the cheese into “straws,” you can roll the dough into a log and then slice and bake.  You can make the whole batch or just slice off a few for a snack. Cover the dough tightly and it will keep well in the freezer for months.  Tie a bow around a frozen cheese log with a tag explaining the baking times and oven temperatures, and you have a special homemade gift for a friend or coworker.

I know you will love these Classic Cheese Straws!  


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