Cranberry Apple Johnnycake

Cranberry Apple Johnnycake

Cranberry Apple Johnnycake is a delicious recipe but also full of contradictions.  A johnnycake is  portable cornbread. It should be able to be easily stored in a saddle bag in order to sustain a traveler on a long journey.  This is why you will also hear them called journeycakes.  However, my  Cranberry Apple Johnnycake cannot be easily stored in a saddle bag or any bag for that matter, so it  is probably not the best sustenance for a long journey. Unless, of course, you want a big messy bag of gooey goodness.

Cranberry Apple Johnnycake Historically Speaking

Journeycakes, johnnycakes, hoecakes, ashcakes, jonikins, Shawneecake, and jannock cake are all names for cornmeal flatbreads.  In olde English jannock meant honest and fair and many references point to this word as its origins.  I though think humble corn cake could have been seen as a “pleasant” and “generous” gift for travelers.  As with many recipes, we embellish them far beyond their intended origins.   We try to make them more interesting or to use ingredients at hand.  This johnnycake is guilty of both.

Showy Recipe for Your Table

Cranberry Apple Johnnycake is a beautiful corncake.  It’s not too sweet and certainly not bland.  We enjoyed ours as a bread side dish for dinner.  I could also see it as part of a brunch.  Mine wasn’t hard to get out of the pan but if some of the apples do stick, gently scrape out and place them back on the johnnycake.  The apples will be soft and buttery and they go perfectly with the cranberries and cornbread.  I personally liked the Cranberry Apple Johnnycake best when it was warm from the oven but I also enjoyed leftovers the next day.  I took some to school so that I could at least eat the journeycake on a journey even if it was just 10 minutes away!

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