Creamy Cheese Grits

Creamy Cheese Grits

My Creamy Cheese Grits have a story behind them.  About 10 years ago my Eating Cardinals friends went to a B&B for the weekend.  They served us all breakfast plates loaded with eggs, biscuits, gravy, bacon, and grits.  We couldn’t wait to dig in.  The first bite of the grits revealed that they were obviously overcooked and scorched.  Being the bold one, I spoke up and asked for another round of grits whereupon the cook insisted that the grits weren’t scorched and that there weren’t any more anyway.  Who doesn’t have more grits?  Nobody!

Scorched Grits or Regular Grits?

To this day, we laugh about our scorched grits.  When this group is back together we usually eat breakfast at one point or another. Someone will inevitably order their grits “scorched.”  We laugh hysterically in a most juvenile way and then enjoy our breakfast.  Nothing like running something in the ground, we always say.

After the scorched grits incident is when I decided to perfect my own grits-making skills.  I started with basic grits but then quickly started experimenting to make these Creamy Cheese Grits and others.  I like white corn grits better than yellow corn grits when cooking.  I’ve never done a blind taste test and there’s probably actually no difference in the taste or texture between the two, but I still like the white grits best.  White grits provide a classic look while we most often associate yellow grits with corn meal and polenta.

Stone Ground is Best for Creamy Cheese Grits

I always look for stone ground grits when making my Creamy Cheese Grits.  They take a little longer to cook but are well worth the wait.  I also only buy organic, nonGMO grits.  I do not wish to serve a bowl of Round-up with my breakfast. Although I mention breakfast, grits are great with any meal.  Once you have mastered the basics, the next grits to try are savory supper grits.  Any style grits are great as far as I’m concerned. You’ll soon agree.

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