Grits French Fries

Grits French Fries

Grits French Fries tasty and unique.  I know that most of you have eaten grits at some point in your life,  but have you eaten Grits French Fries?  They are perfect for snacking, brunching, and are a delicious appetizer for movie night.  Even if people say they don’t like grits, they usually like these yummy little fries.  I love to serve them with Vidalia dressing and the combination of Georgia specialties is superb.

Grits French Fries are Sneaky

Grits French Fries are a sneaky way to introduce naysayers to grits.  You know who I’m talking about.  Those people who profess to hate grits when then haven’t even tried them or they tried instant grits from a package.  My son always said he hated grits and then I proclaimed loudly as he turned up his nose at yet another breakfast, “Taste them!  It’s ground up corn!”  He then sampled my Creamy Cheese Grits and decided he liked them after all.

Here’s the plan.  Fry up a bunch of Grits French Fries and place them among the other appetizers.  Give them a clever name like “Maize Poppers” or “Cornmeal Sticks.”  Then, let your friends and family try them without judgment.  I guarantee they will be hooked.  In fact, they will be begging you to make them again and again.

Stone Ground Grits

I must conclude every recipe using grits with an appeal to you to use nonGMO, organic, stone ground grits.  They are not hard to find if you stay off the center aisle of the grocery store.  In my opinion, the atrocities of what growers are doing to their fellow humans in the way of additives, pesticides and genetic modifications is appalling.  Use the best source of grits you can find and consequently you will feel good about eating this delicious recipe.  Grits French Fries are a delightfully Southern dish that you will definitely want to include at your next gathering.

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