Jezebel Sauce

Jezebel Sauce

Who was Jezebel and why does she have a sauce named after her?  Pull out your Bible and find this evil woman in the book of Kings in the old testament (1Kings 16:13).  Jezebel was a beautiful woman preoccupied with clothes and makeup but harboring evil on the inside. Likewise,  Jezebel Sauce is a sweet concoction of jellies with a horseradish and mustard punch of flavor.  Pretty with a kick!

Jezebel Sauce originates in the Gulf Shores of Mississippi.

No one is sure of Jezebel Sauce’s exact origins but many believe it hails from  Gulfport, Mississippi.  The sweet but potent sauce is a favorite a church suppers and potlucks.  The irony is not lost on these sweet little old ladies bearing trays of Jezebel sauce served over blocks of cream cheese or with slices of roast beef on crackers.  Jezebel sauce looks innocent but the pepper and horseradish combine with the jelly to deliver a taste not soon forgotten.

Eat and learn.

Now we associate the name Jezebel with evil and with fallen women.  In the Bible she convinced her husband King Ahab to abandon Yahweh and start worshiping Baal and Asherah. She persecuted those who worshiped God and condemned innocent people who refused to do as told.  For her deeds Jehu, the tenth king of Israel, ordered servants to throw her out a window.  What do I learn from this?  Love God, wear less makeup, and be a good person of thought and action.

Jezebel Sauce goes well with cheese and meat.

You will enjoy this sauce with cream cheese, pork chops, roast beef, crackers, and biscuits.  But, the list doesn’t stop here.  I like it on cornbread and pretzels, too.  Be inventive.  The heat from the horseradish and pepper is surprising but not overwhelming.  You can’t go wrong adding Jezebel Sauce to your appetizer tray or buffet spread.

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