Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

Red Oak Creek Covered Bridge

I have lived within 30 miles of the Red Oak Creek covered bridge for the past 25 years and didn’t know it was there until last Sunday.  We went back to Warm Springs to eat at The Bulloch House. We got to eat upstairs this time.  As a point of clarification, this isn’t the original Bulloch House.  The original 1893 house burned down in June.  They reopened in December on the main street of Warm Springs.


On the way home we followed the signs to this covered bridge.


I was hoping to see Clint Eastwood lurking about or even better yet, his cutie actor son, Scott Eastwood.  I guess since I’m not in Madison County, all I saw was another group of tourists.


Red Oak Creek bridge is the oldest and longest covered bridge in Georgia so I learned. Looking at the picture, you might think Heaven is on the other side.


I also learned it was put together with wooden pegs.


And that was my little Discover America trip for the day. I wonder what else I’m living within 30 miles of that I don’t know about.  Makes me want to find out!

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  1. Anonymous January 23, 2016 at 12:09 pm #

    What a beautiful treasure you discovered. Thanks for posting and sharing your adventure!

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