Release the Kraken

Release the Kraken



Yesterday at Pike’s Nursery in Atlanta we received some free ladybugs for the garden.  Apparently they are as potent as the Kraken in a garden killing pests with their ladylike appetite.


Who knew?



The directions said to release the Kraken at dusk at the base of wet plants.  I watered my blueberry bushes with my twirly sprinkler that my brother gave me for my birthday.  Love it. It’s perfect for my small patch of blueberries.


Notice the deepening shadows of dusk.



A friend who owns a blueberry farm told me I need at least 6 bushes to get enough blueberries for a family.  I had room for 5 bushes.  I may squeeze in another around the corner.

You can see the blueberries beginning to form.



Finally, I released a few of the deadly critters on my peonies.  The peonies are my pride and joy when they bloom. It won’t be long.  Usually by Mother’s Day I am able to use the flowers on my table.DSCF1566


Here is a flashback from last year. I hope this year will be as good.

Bud Center close First Bloom Peonies 1 Peonies 2

Maybe this year will be even better because they are now protected by the Kraken.


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