Smithgall Woods

Smithgall Woods

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We had never been to Smithgall Woods State Park.  It is a small but beautiful state park near Helen, GA.  For us, the drive was about 2 1/2 hours (south side of Atlanta).  It sits adjacent to the Chattahoochee National Forest.  The word Chattahoochee is a Muskogean word meaning painted rock.  This is the Dover Cabin where we stayed.


The four cousins.


It was very spacious and great for our Rick James Super Freak Party Hour.

Best of all, though, it was spacious enough for Hide and Seek.  Here’s the rules.  The seeker counts to 25 in the bar area which those of you who have known me forever will see why I liked the bar area in this house.  PRINCESS AND DUKE on the wall!!!!

In the bar area is our “bell” and “Bieber”  safety base.  After you hide and the seeker is cautiously searching the house, you must make your way back to the safety of the base.

When you get there, you ring the bell (bang the pot) and then yell “Bieber Fever” to ensure your safety at the base.  Now, I’m sure you could play hide and seek without the Bieber bonus poster, but would it be as fun?  I think not.

This house had a great circular hallway that afforded a fast chase to the safety of the base.

My pictures are blurry because it was evening light, I was laughing too hard, and because these guys are fast!!

Even my mom was a flash of blue as she headed for Justin at the bar.

The next day we did one our family favorite activities which is tie dye. If anyone knows how to set the ink so it doesn’t fade the white parts when you wash it, let me know. I guess I need to do some more research.


We headed into Helen, Georgia for an afternoon of fun and frolic.  It is only 3 miles away.  Helen is a German themed tourist town in the North Georgia Mountains.

We also stopped at Goats on the Roof.  Yet another tourist destination.

We spent some time in the woods back at Smithgall Woods.  It was very beautiful and pristine.


We walked to the Dukes Creek Waterfall.  It was evening when we went so the lighting was a little shadowy.

Then, we came back and cranked up the air conditioning and built a fire.  Bliss!



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  1. John Erbele July 1, 2012 at 11:52 am #

    Thanks for your business! Come back and see us soon. You should see the Smithgall Cottage. We only have 5 soon to be 6 cottages, but we have about 1000 acres per cottage.
    John Erbele, General Manager

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