Snow Report

Snow Report

We didn’t get much snow.  Just enough to be pretty and entertain the animals.


Both the cat and dog love the cold and snow.  I let them run around in it before too many people were out and about.  Chupa is not even remotely under voice control but I wanted to let him run free a bit without a leash. He can strike terror in your heart if he starts chasing and barking at you.


He’s cute but vigilant in his defense of the yard.


A little dusting on these beautiful green leaves.


It has started snowing again since I’ve been putting this post together but you’re just going to have to imagine it a little frostier.  My journalistic integrity begs me to inform you of this change in condition but it isn’t strong enough to make me go out and take more photos.


I recently bought this cake mix on sale at Sam’s Club.  You know it’s cheap when it’s on sale AND at Sam’s Club. I usually bake everything from scratch but I do like peppermint and chocolate together so I thought I’d risk the 2 bucks and give it a try. We like the Krusteaz waffle mix for quick breakfasts so I didn’t figure it was too risky of a purchase.


The cake was typical of a mix.  I added water, one egg, and a stick of butter.  The peppermint glaze was included although I crushed two peppermint candies and sprinkled them around for more color.  I thought they would look artsy.  They just look messy.


Another view.  Still messy. Maybe a little bit artsy.


The best picture of all is this one because I’m about to eat the first slice. Perfect with cocoa for a chilly morning treat. Hope you are enjoying your frosty day.




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  1. Sally Stempinski January 23, 2016 at 12:53 pm #

    It didn’t even taste like a box cake. It was good!

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