Stone Mountain Highland Games

Stone Mountain Highland Games

We just got back from the Stone Mountain Highland Games.  I particularly enjoy going to Highland Games because my high school was called the Headland Highlanders and we dressed in highland clothing and had bagpipes in our marching band.  Today, we enjoyed hearing bagpipers,saw athletic competitions, and wandered around the clan tents.

DSCF4162 We arrived in time today for the Parade of the Tartans.DSCF4164

The Atlanta Pipe Band along with other pipe bands provided the processional. DSCF4166 DSCF4169

My favorite plaid is the is peach and green one.  I know you are not supposed to pick plaids because they are pretty but I do like this one.DSCF4171


We are members of the Kerr clan.  It is a United States association of the clan. One of my great great grandparents was Mary Carr who came over from Scotland.DSCF4174

After all the clans marched in, they played a beautiful song in memory of those family members and friends who had passed since the last gathering.  It was a lovely tribute.DSCF4177 DSCF4179

After the Parade of Tartans we went to eat.  Let’s see…should I have sheep brains or fried fish and chips?DSCF4182   It wasn’t a hard choice.DSCF4184  After lunch, we walked along the tree-lined paths to see the clan tents and the vendor tents.DSCF4185 Today in attendance was my brother, sister-in-law, niece, and mother.  My nephew was also there with a friend but had scooted off to parts unknown at this point. There are either ancestor ghostly orbs or water drops on this photo.  Not sure which.  What do you think?  Any Ghostbusters out there? Ha!DSCF4186  We made a quick trip to the Kerr hospitality tent.  Super friendly folks.DSCF4187 The family motto is Sero Sed Serio which means “Late but in Earnest.”  Gotta love it!DSCF4194

I loved this clan tent with the faux castle.

You can tell it was a gorgeous day today!DSCF4196

I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the field of tartans. I couldn’t get far enough back to get them all in but this will have to do. The tartans were very beautiful as they fluttered in the breeze.DSCF4197 DSCF4198

Other side, ladies!DSCF4200  There ya go!  Elyse and my mom stopped for a photo op.


My brother knows the guy on the far right in this band, Rathkeltair.  They play rock pipe music and they are very good!DSCF4201

We went to the fields and watched the heavy athletic competitions and then, sadly it was time for the official closing ceremonies, but we’ll be back next year.

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