Surprise Visit

Surprise Visit

Olivia popped home unexpectedly to bring some of her belongings before the semester ends.  She only has five days and then school will be out for the summer.  I can’t believe she will be a college senior next year.


I snapped three quick pictures while she grabbed a snack before heading back to college. In this one she seems to be convincing me how studious she can be for her upcoming exams.


And in this photo she is showing her Greek mythology side by posing as half-girl-half-dog.   I’m not sure that there is such a beast, but she and Chupa make a cute one.


Of course, she always looks pretty to me even if she does have a tail.

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  1. Merry Carol April 24, 2016 at 6:44 pm #

    Olivia certainly looks like you…but then she should…you’re her Mom!!

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