The Best Kind of Christmas Music

The Best Kind of Christmas Music

The best kind of Christmas music is the kind sung by your family and friends.  I got to go to  a wonderful afternoon of music presented by Davis’ high school chorus in conjunction with the Southern Crescent Chorale.


I was actually able to spot Davis from my balcony seat.  It was a packed house. See my brown arrow in the photo below?


I think they saw me, too.  My zoom lens is pretty fantastic.  Either that or me yelling “Sing Pretty, Schmoopie” across the auditorium.  Not sure which caught their attention.


Okay, I really didn’t say that but I was thinking it telepathically.  After the concert my mom ran into some of her friends outside, Marilyn and Betty Jo .  We all got the memo to wear our red Christmas tops with black pants – me, too, except you can’t see me behind the camera. Quite a few other people got the same memo!


Next up was last night’s Christmas concert at the High School Auditorium.


Just like the other concert, they performed to a packed house.  We’re serious about our singing around here!


Davis is a part of three groups at his school. Camerata is the men’s choir, Chanticleer is the advanced choir, and Men of the Mill is a men’s a capella group and the comedic relief of the show. They sing beautifully and entertain thoroughly.


During the show was a silent auction of baskets and other items such as Disney tickets or jewelry gift cards.  I was the winning bid on basket #59 Christmas Chips and Dips.  There is a beautiful ceramic chip and dip platter that I will unpack and feature in a future post.


Lots more Christmas festivities ahead and I’m looking forward to them all.

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