A few more events and I’m up-to-date with my comings and goings.  After the Cotton Pickin’ Fair last Sunday, I had the pleasure of going to Davis’ fall choral concert.   Here is a teeny-tiny photo from my phone.  For a high school, they have a spectacularly large auditorium that is filled with very involved family and friends.


Here is a youtube link to Davis’ a capella group called Men of the Mill.

The songs start at 2:45 and 7:15 on the recording. But you can watch it all if you wish.

We also had the pleasure of going to one of Davis’ best friend’s Eagle Scout Ceremony.  Davis and Will have been great friends for 10 years.  They met in third grade. They were actually in scouts together for several years.  Will is a third generation Eagle Scout.


Everybody says Will looks like Leonardo DiCaprio.  What do you think?



Next to the pavilion is a merry-go-round.  The guys and one lucky gal (Olivia) spun and ate. Hard to tell the action with a still photo.  It is a circle of great kids!  Proud of them all.


Earlier in the day we went to the shareholders meeting of our Electric company.

Exciting, I know!   I’m living large.


It was rainy but fun.  There was Bingo!


And a winner!


There was a food truck from The Varsity.


And then I found myself EATING A CHILI DOG AT 10:00 IN THE MORNING! Seriously people, I haven’t eaten a hot dog in about 10 years.  I’m not kidding.  The whole pig snout pink slime media coverage turned me off to hot dogs long ago.  But there I was gulping down a chili dog in the rainy dawn like it was the best meal on earth.  Quite frankly it was pretty tasty.  Have I opened the hot doggy floodgate?  Will I be craving Varsity “walking dog” goodness?  I guess only time will tell.

Hot Dog

I finished off my “brunch” with the “Worst Popcorn in Town” and called it a day.


Later that day I snapped a slanty sunset from my sunroof.  It’s been a busy and fun week.


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