Walk of Doom

Walk of Doom

I want to share these photos of a walk I took the other day.  I have been cooped up inside decorating, undecorating, cooking, or shopping so I decided to get outside and enjoy our unseasonably warm weather.  I went to Lake Peachtree and took a walk around the lake. It is typically about an hour walk and is very nice with paved paths and sidewalks the whole way.

My view as I start the walk.

Lovely day.  A few puffy clouds.  I walked on up into the wooded area and texted my friend Terri to exclaim how excited I was to be walking and that everyone should now call me Cardio-Cathy because of my motivation and zippy pace.

I make it out of the woods and look back over the lake.  Serene…beautiful.  It reinforced my motivation to commune with nature.

I get another text and Terri said that she wanted to walk, too, but it had starting raining where she lived.  I felt so special that we had dodged the rain in our fair city.

I continue walking and make a turn on my circular walk around the lake and just happen to look over my shoulder. YIKES!!!

Cardio-Cathy was about to demonstrate her new speed walking skills, however she was demonstrating to no one because everyone else had apparently looked at their phone weather apps and cleared the heck out of Dodge.

Cardio-Cathy was really in a dilemma because as mentioned earlier the trek around the lake is an hour and the trip was exactly half way through.  Does she go back the way she came or finish the lap?  Cardio Cathy noticed the wind was picking up and really gusting so she decided to back the way she came which had the least amount of trees to walk under with the peril of falling limbs.

Back to the bridge.  Here is a 30 minute before and after.

Cardio-Cathy made it back to her car clocking in her fastest walk/run/terror-jog to date.

Judicious-Julie will now check the Weather Channel before her next walk.

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2 Responses to Walk of Doom

  1. Anonymous December 30, 2016 at 2:33 pm #

    LOL! I can relate but not because of walking out in the elements, but driving down a deserted GA Highway trying to get to my destination before the bottom dropped out. I made it but only thanks to watching NACAR, and the skin of my teeth.

    • Julie December 30, 2016 at 5:33 pm #

      Whoever says that watching too much TV is bad for you????

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