We had a busy weekend with Olivia here from school.  We didn’t do anything special but it was nice.  Saturday morning we went to a class at Pike’s Nursery on how to plant a strawberry pot. At the end of the presentation we were to get a free strawberry plant.  Gotta love free!


They passed around a lush 4-inch pot of strawberries with various stages of berries cascading over the side of the container from fully ripe 2-inch berries to small green ones to white flowers and buds. We were excited to get this great starter plant for our garden.  At the end of the presentation they handed us a brown paper bag with our free plant.  Here is what was inside. It’s a “bare root” strawberry.  Not quite the plant we were shown earlier.  I’ll plant it anyway and maybe add a few more.  Gotta “like” free!

DSCF1266 DSCF1269

Then we went to  Sam’s club and bought Davis’ favorite lunch.  Taquitos!  There is a back story for the picture you are about to see.  Davis loves taquitos very much. So much that he will pretty much eat them from anywhere including the little rolling thingies in gas stations complete with the flies usually found in such fine dining establishments.  We wanted Davis to feel at home with his taquito so we added a few “friends” for his lunch.




Davis had some friends over and they decided to climb some trees Ninja style.  I took a few photos to show the insurance agency later in case I needed them!






Olivia is making a cardinal cooler for me.


We had bacon cups for brunch.    Easy to do.  Cover an inverted cupcake tin with aluminum foil. Weave 2 slices of bacon around each cupcake protrusion. Bake at 375 degrees for about 35 minutes. You can also put another flat cookie sheet covered in foil under the cupcake tin on the rack below to catch drippings if you see that they are dripping over.   Remove from the cupcake tin and place bacon on another cookie sheet covered with foil.  Broil the insides for about 2-3 minutes until done.  Fill with grits and eggs and top with cheese.

bacon in oven

bacon cup

Have a great week!





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