Kate and Leopold

Kate and Leopold

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Where I come from, the meal is the result of reflection and study, menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said, without the culinary arts the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. – Leopold (Hugh Jackman)

I watched Kate and Leopold (2001) last night.  I still don’t get that movie.  I understand the time travel premise and I can follow the plot, but what I don’t buy into even after all these years is how crabby Meg Ryan’s character is and how hopelessly Hugh Jackman falls for her.  She wears man-clothes and couldn’t be more rude to everyone she encounters yet we are supposed to believe that a 100 year time travelling Duke becomes hopelessly in love with this curmudgeon.

I guess I should technically find issue with the plausibility of the time travel porthole off the bridge plotline, but really the issue that I can’t “suspend disbelief” for is the the fact that they portray Kate as rude, grouchy, and jaded and then zing us with a Hugh Jackman hottie falling for her.  Have I missed the relationship “boat” somewhere?  Being rude or crabby doesn’t exactly have people standing in line at my door (but then being cheerful and kind doesn’t have them standing inline either) so what are we supposed to take away from this movie?

I think the message of the movie is a little more dear to my heart and easier to grasp than you might imagine.  It is the message of toast.  Leopold loves his toast.  In fact, in the movie he rigs a toaster to cook at 1 1/2 settings to make it perfectly golden – not soggy and not burnt.  He then prepares toast with Mascarpone cheese and strawberries for Kate before she goes to work.

At Kate’s first bite we see a slight crack in her defensive facade, but it is fleeting.

Can you see the wonders of golden-brown crispy bread?  Forget that she is crabby and lacking in charm, the toast masks all of these imperfections.

I shall now eat this magical breakfast everyday.


Kate and Leopold Strawberry Toast

1 loaf brioche bread, thick sliced (or any bread you prefer)

2 tablespoons butter, melted

1 8-ounce container Mascarpone cheese

2 cups sliced strawberries

Toast bread to golden brown perfection.  Brush with melted butter and then spread with Mascarpone.  Top with strawberries.

Maybe just one more slice, please! Or two…

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    Sounds delicious.

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