Peach Muesli

Peach Muesli

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About ten years ago I had the good fortune to go to Switzerland, Austria and Germany. Viewing the Matterhorn in Zermatt was something I will never forget. Even better was the fact that we actually got to see the Matterhorn.  Our guide told us that sometimes clouds cover the mountain and some tourists never get to see its famous peak during their whole visit.  Eating Muesli for the first time during one of our hotel breakfasts was also one of the highlights of our trip to Switzerland.

Dr. Bircher Knew the Benefits of Muesli

At our hotel, the breakfast was complimentary. They don’t serve the standard breakfast of cold cereal and the squirting waffle machine like you find at mid-priced hotels in America.  This breakfast included meats, cheeses, breads, and of course, Muesli. The best description of Swiss Muesli is to compare it to Overnight Oatmeal that is very popular now in the United States.  You start with uncooked oatmeal and add milk, yogurt, fruits, and nuts and then refrigerate overnight.  This particular muesli had diced bananas, oranges, and apples added.

Dr. Bircher was a Swiss physician who created Muesli to encourage his patients to eat fresh fruits and less processed foods.  One hundred thirty-five years later we are still seeing the benefits of eating wholesome fruits and grains.  He was a man for all time.

Switch it Up

I decided to add peaches, cherries, and bananas to my Muesli this morning.  Peaches are ripe and plentiful around here in early August so it was a natural choice.  You can’t go wrong with blueberries, raspberries, and coconut either.  Some people like cinnamon or nutmeg in theirs, as well.  And, if you forget to make it the night before, don’t worry.  It tastes good with less time in the fridge.  Now, look out your window and eat your Muesli.  The Matterhorn might just be waiting behind those clouds.

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