Spinach Dip

Game Day Spinach Dip

This creamy Spinach Dip is an easy way to eat your vegetables.  I love the crunchy Panko topping over the smooth and cheesy spinach.  On game day, you will be as popular as the quarterback when you add this dish to the snack table.

The First Tailgate Didn’t Include Spinach Dip

Sadly, the first known occurrence of people eating out of the back of a vehicle happened during the Civil War when people loaded up their buggies to watch the First Battle of Bull Run in 1861.  The parties soon lost a bit of glamour when people realized that what they were watching was not a competition but rather a serious event unfolding.

Also related to tailgating was when settlers pushed west out into the prairies and stopped along the way to make camp and eat.  The chuckwagon was a welcome site to weary travelers with its portable kitchen and drop down table on the back.  Flash forward 150 years and we have the tailgating extravaganzas of today.  Even though times and technology have changed, we share the common need to enjoy good food in the company of friends.

Why do we call spinach dishes Florentine?

Spinach Originated in Ancient Persia and then traveled to China.  It worked its way to Europe and then later in the United States.  Most Americans probably associate spinach with Popeye – “He’s strong to the finish ’cause he eats his spinach.”  We can find a little more classical reference in we look a little harder.  Supposedly Catherine de Medici of Italy loved spinach.  It was her favorite vegetable.  Since Catherine was born in Florence, spinach dishes are now called Florentine. Interesting!

One last caution.  Spinach is on the dreaded Dirty Dozen list.  When you make this Spinach Dip be sure to find organic spinach if possible.

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