College Football Hall of Fame

College Football Hall of Fame

I went to the College Football Hall of Fame in Atlanta today on a field trip with second graders.  While I can’t show you their pictures, I can show you a few other interesting pictures from the trip.


The entry way is impressive with a helmet representing every college team.


Every once in a while, bulbs inside the helmets will light up.  I’m pretty sure they were spelling “Welcome Julie” although I can’t be certain.  Ha!


To the left of the helmets is a gorgeous and huge mural depicting many different colleges and rivalries.


I zoomed in on UGA.


On the elevators I was face to face with the Four Horsemen from Notre Dame.  I could only snap two of them. There are many great exhibits about the history of college football and photos and artifacts to enhance the experience.


The exhibits include displays such as the bands, cheerleaders, MAJORETTES, tailgating, coaching, and awards.  The Heisman trophy is big and impressive.


Tailgating had several exhibits and I bought a The Ohio State Tailgating Cookbook as a souvenir.


Don’t you always secretly want to be the one to dot the i?


Here is a shout out to my tuba-playing brother.  I guess he would have come the closest to being able to dot the i with his sousaphone.


If you don’t know what I’m talking about “dotting the i” then you can watch this.

You also wear this badge that makes many of the exhibits interactive with technology. Very cool! You can access your photos and activities later from home with the number on your badge.



An interesting photo from today is of the old raccoon skin coats of the 1920’s. I can only imagine a giant stadium full of these coats.


This next photo was taken from the internet.  Fur coats are all but banished now and I doubt we will likely see this tradition revived any time soon.


There is a sports psychology section so I decided to spill the beans amongst us regular folk who will never benefit from the coaching that elite athletes get.    Aren’t we worth it, too?   Read and prosper.


There are places to go to kick field goals, make passes, and catch passes.  The students and adults enjoyed getting to kick a field goal from a regulation sized field and goal post.


After our visit we headed outside to Centennial Olympic Park to eat lunch. The flowers are out and so is the pollen.  I spent most of my lunch with searing eyeball pain and with tears running down my face.


The park was windy but nice.  A great spot to enjoy my pb&j.


Time to head back to school on “The Big Cheese.”   It was a fun day for all.



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  1. Merry Carol March 29, 2016 at 6:45 am #

    This is very interesting…would be a great place to visit…

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