Macon Cherry Blossom Festival

Macon Cherry Blossom Festival

We made it to the Macon Cherry Blossom Festival on Saturday.  The sky poured buckets on Friday night but was clear and beautiful for the Mulberry Arts and Crafts Festival on Saturday.


The blossoms were mostly gone due to the rain the night before and due to the fact that I think the prime time for them was about a week ago.


Most of the blossoms were on the ground


We wandered around the vendor tents and stopped when something interested us.  We definitely liked these hanging chairs.


In the photo above you see my mom and Diane and in the photo below is our friend Amy.


Lunch was pretty tasty, too.  There were multiple food trucks by the tents. I opted for Philly Cheesesteak, Diane had a Japanese rice bowl, and my mom and Amy had hamburgers. Below is my cheesesteak truck.  At times I think it might be fun to have a food truck but I’m not sure what I’d sell out of it.  My favorite thing to make is probably cookies but that’s not very original.  There was a mac ‘n’ cheese truck there I would have ordered from had I seen it.  Diane saw it and told me about it after we ordered. You can put toppings on your slab of mac ‘n’ cheese.  That’s clever.  Tune in tomorrow for my biscuit recipe.  It has some creative possibilities I’m thinking.  And now to name my truck. Marketing is important, you know!  Julie’s Biscuit Bus has a nice ring to it. Or how about the Biscuit Buggy?  Maybe the Biscuit Bar?  I like them all.   Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see my first biscuit for the menu!


We ate a pink covered tables in the sun.


Lots of things are pink there for the festival including the garbage cans. There is also a pink pancake breakfast and you can buy your own cherry blossom tree for $10.00 at a booth.


One tasty treat from the food vendors was the donut truck.


We tried the cookies and cream and the strawberry cheesecake donuts. Very good.


We made our way back up the street weaving through the dogs and shoppers.  Everyone seemed to have gotten the same message to bring their pets because they were everywhere.  I did not get that message but Chupa is not great with crowds anyway so he stayed at home with Davis.


We left downtown Macon with plans to return in the future.  It was a fun and relaxed day.


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    Interesting day.

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