Daisy? Sunflower Tree?

Daisy? Sunflower Tree?

Apparently from the comments I have received, I am, in fact, the last person on earth not to recognize a butterfly bush.  (Read this post).  So, next are you going to tell me that this plant from my deck isn’t a daisy??


And this isn’t a Sunflower Tree?


My world is shattered.

Just kidding of course.  I do know the names of a few flowers but probably not as many as I should.  I guess I’m more of a plant admirer than a plant expert.

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One Response to Daisy? Sunflower Tree?

  1. Merry Carol June 8, 2016 at 10:28 pm #

    You are now correct…these are not daisies or sunflower trees…so an A+ for you…:)

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