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Tetra Pak

Zippered Tetra Pak Pouch

When I was sixteen my friend Nancy and I got jobs at Wendy’s.  Back then singles, chili, frosties, and baked potatoes were 89 cents each.  I can still remember the order of the condiments for hamburgers that we had to memorize – mayonnaise, ketchup, pickle, onion, tomato, lettuce, mustard.  If you worked at the cash […]

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rope vase

Rope Vase

For most people in a sane world, summer is still here. But for those of us in the south, summer ends in exactly two days.  TWO DAYS!!!  I start back to school on Friday. For the next two days I will be going around like crazy trying to cram all the things I didn’t do […]

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Victorian Flower Pounding

Victorian Flower Pounding

In Victorian times flowers were a way to send an unspoken message.  White poppies for consolation, yellow poppies for wealth and success, myrtle for marriage, and orchids for mature charm (uhhh…thanks for the orchids…I think.)  To remember these messages Victorian ladies would pound the flowers into fabric or paper.

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Coin Purse

“Make a Coin Purse,” They Said…”It’ll be Fun,” They Said.

After making my handwoven purse a few days ago I thought it would be good to have a matching “something” to go with it.  Some people don’t like to be all “matchy-matchy” but I do.  I’d probably match everything together in some way if I could – matching luggage, matching underwear, matching jackets with dresses […]

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Solar Lights

Solar Lights and Congratulations are Due

You should all be congratulating me.  I bought a new glue gun and apparently I’m no longer an amateur. I have risen to the ranks of being a professional gluer. Look right here on the package.

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Pear Salad

Pear Salad and Spinning

I tried my hand a spinning yesterday.  It looks like I tried my feet instead of my hands because my thread was so uneven.  Our lovely teacher Melody said that my clumpy yarn is called Artisan Yarn and it’s okay to be uneven. She’s very gracious. I love it whether it’s Artisanal or Awful.  It’s […]

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Giveaway Winner

The winner of the hand-woven, hand-sewn zippered pouch is….. Brenda Scruggs I’ve got the pink/blue cloth and the green/tan cloth.  I can do credit card size or 10X6-inch size.  Leave me a comment with your preferences. Congratulations! And thanks for being a reader and subscriber!

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casserole dish etching

Beet Update, Giveaway Update, and Casserole Dish Etching

My dried beets tasted great (see yesterday’s post) except they were a little too tough for snacking.  I am not deterred.  I read a recipe this summer that I have been wanting to try so my beets will be a great start to the preparations.  The recipe is for a salad topping of dried and […]

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Why I Don't Garden

This is Why I Don’t Garden

I planted pansies this year thinking I might beautify my property and give it the ever so important curb appeal.  I planted them in deck baskets with coconut hair… I put them in pots. And I put them in hanging planters. A feast for the eye at many levels. My curb appeal lasted about two […]

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Weaving and a Subscriber Giveaway

I’m not ready to start a weaving cottage industry but I am having fun making zippy little purses out of the cloth I have been weaving in my class.  I am fortunate to have a weaving teacher living in my neighborhood.  Once a week I have been weaving wonderful masterpieces of cloth.  (Or at least […]

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