Way Out of Shape Wednesday

Way Out of Shape Wednesday

Davis keeps telling me I need to have each day of the week as a specified day for my blog.  He’s young and has some good insight to this social media stuff.  I thought it was a great idea.  Some of the ones I’ve seen already in use  are Meatless Monday and Throwback Thursday.  I countered with some brilliant titles of my own.  How about Mathematical Monday?  We could talk about all the ways I used math today. (Oh wait, there would be no posts.) I also considered Tasty Tuesday – recipes and tasty treats (Should I only cook on Tuesdays now?).   The easy one is Way out of Shape Wednesday and I think the name speaks for itself.

My favorite is Therapeutic Thursday where I could talk about my coping strategies for getting through the drudgery of a working week. Don’t we all need some ideas for escape?  Finally we get to Fulgent Friday.  I bet you have to look that one up.

Davis stopped me and declared that these are all bad except for Tasty Tuesday because he wanted to eat dinner sooner than later and he forbid me from using any more alliterations.  No can do.  Listen to what the days would be without alliterations.


Way out of Shape Wednesday becomes….

Mathematical Monday becomes Endless Abyss Monday  because I wasn’t talking about anything anyway  (see math reference above) and we often take Monday to ponder what happened to the weekend and to consider why work days last so long when weekends fly by.

Tasty Tuesday becomes What I Dug Out of the Freezer and Thawed for Dinner Tuesday.  Heat-n-Eat allows me some extra time to fit into extreme social media success.  (Just throw some parsley on top and take a picture from above on a beat up table.)

Way out of Shape Wednesday becomes Huff and Puff as I Climb the Stairs Wednesday.

Therapeutic Thursday becomes Chocolate Day.

Fulgent Friday becomes … nevermind, I’m still going to make you look that up!

So Davis, I think we can all agree that I must have my alliterations.  These new names just aren’t cutting the mustard.

I’m going to take my little walking buddy out and enjoy a stroll, because after all, it is Way out of Shape Wednesday.


Should I save posting these beautiful last of the season blooms for Therapeutic Thursday?

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2 Responses to Way Out of Shape Wednesday

  1. Terri October 20, 2017 at 2:02 am #

    I am digging the Way outOut of Shape Wednesday and Therapeutic Thursday!!

    • Julie October 20, 2017 at 8:49 pm #

      I need Therapeutic Every Day!

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