From Bush to Bread in 1 Hour

From Bush to Bread in 1 Hour


We made jelly today.

Lots of jelly.  We went to Whitley Farms in Sharpsburg, Georgia, and picked 17 pounds of blackberries.

I think we got the last strawberry on the farm, too (and a few sneaky blueberries.)

I wish I could give you some exotic jelly recipe here, but the truth is I follow the recipe from the insert in the pectin box.  Maybe someday I’ll branch out but for now, it is tried and true.

Making jelly is very easy.  First, we cleaned our jars and lids.  Then we juiced the berries with the Jack Lalanne juicer.  Memba him???

Seventeen pounds of blackberries gave us enough juice for 5 batches of jelly or 35 jars  eight ounce jars.

You simply stir in the box of pectin into  3 3/4 cups blackberry juice.  Cook on high until you reach a full boil.

Add 4 1/2 cups sugar all at once and return the pot to a boil.  Boil one minute.  Ladle into jars and place on seals and rims.   You can boil  the jars in a water bath for 5 minutes or just put lids on and place in the refrigerator if you are only making a small amount and plan to eat it soon.  The water kept steaming up my camera lens.

The berries were large, ripe, and juicy.  The jelly was a success.

This farm is very close to our house and I’m not kidding when I said that we went from bush to bread in about an hour.  Next up is peaches.  Maybe I will try to create something new and exotic. Or not.

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  1. Sherri July 4, 2012 at 5:42 pm #

    That looks delicious! I am not brave enough to try to make my own jelly.

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