Blueberry Bundt Cake

I first tried Blueberry Bundt Cake on the goodie table at work.  A coworker got this recipe from her aunt and then made it for us.  I love the moist inside and crusted outside.  The blueberries are perfect for this cake especially in the summer when you can pick them off of the bush and plop them right into the batter.

I made a Blueberry Bundt Cake recently at an Eating Cardinal gathering in North Carolina and everyone loved it.  I measured out the ingredients ahead of time and brought a container of blueberries.  Then, in the morning I assembled the ingredients and baked the cake.  The longest part is waiting for the cake to bake.  That’s when you go back and take a nap and get up when it’s done!

Blueberry Bundt Cake is Easy

Another reason I love Blueberry Bundt Cake is that it doesn’t take any unusual ingredients.  I usually have blueberries in my freezer when it’s not blueberry season and I pretty much always have eggs, flour, and sugar.  This cake becomes a go-to recipe for potlucks and carry-ins.  It also freezes well in slices for an easy packed lunch treat. (Talking about this cake makes me want to stop typing and go make another!)

Blueberries are Everywhere

Although farmers have only been cultivating blueberries for about 100 years, they are everywhere.  You can find berries in many products from juice to muffins to make up and now dog foods.  Actually, my dog loves them raw and will eat them off the bush.  You will also find blueberries in popular culture since the Willy Wonka days and Violet Beauregarde.  Put the candy down, Violet!

Another reason I like this cake is because it looks great on a summer buffet for Independence Day. I enjoy celebrating the Fourth of July because I am off from work and have time to cook and decorate.  Blueberry Bundt Cake is the first recipe on my menu when I start to plan the day.

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