Chip Dip

Parmesan Mustard Chip Dip

Of all the snacks I enjoy, I like chip dip best of all.  This affection probably goes back to my childhood and my parents’ Saturday night card parties. They often would gather with other couples to play cards and games. I remember my parents relegating us to the basement with our kid table of food.  Our child-friendly treats usually consisted of M&M’s, oatmeal cookies, and Bugles, but unfortunately never chip dip.

Chip Dip

The teens in the ad are definitely more sophisticated at their Bugle party than we were at ours.  We pretty much just put the Bugles on the ends of our fingers and ran around screaming and clawing at each other. This gives you an idea why our parents sent us to the basement.

The Adult Table Always had the Good Chip Dip

The snacks at the adult table included mixed nuts, Snyder’s Potato Chips with chip dip and Roka Blue cheeseball with Triscuits – all apparently very adult.  They also ate little hors d’oeuvres of  gherkin pickles slathered in cream cheese and wrapped in ham and then sliced.  Another adult-only food was the fermented fruit compote that they ate over ice cream.  They could keep that for themselves as far as I was concerned.  Rotten fruit on ice cream? No thanks. I’ll enjoy my foray into adulthood with the chip dip.

Try Making Chip Dip

Homemade chip dip tastes much better than the kind from the plastic container in the dairy aisle, and it couldn’t be easier to make. The best part is you only have have to stir together a few ingredients and then get ready for compliments. You can also substitute a little unflavored yogurt for the sour cream to add some health benefits.  Think about using baked chips as a healthy alternative. Or don’t worry about any of it and just claw your way through the dip with your Bugle fingernails and then run back down to the basement.  It’s more fun there anyway.

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