Roasted Pecans

Roasted Pecans

Roasted Pecans are a very southern treat for holidays or game days. The buttery and salty goodness of Roasted Pecans is hard to beat.  I can remember my dad watching football games on TV with a fifty pound bag of unshelled pecans in front of him. We bought in bulk each year at the Georgia State Farmer’s Market that was near our house at the time.  He would patiently crack open the shells of the pecans to dig out perfect pecan halves for our Roasted Pecans.  My mom would send some as gifts to her brother in Ohio and he would gobble them up in no time.  They are seriously that good!

Roasted Pecans are Easy to Make

When you eat these Roasted Pecans you can’t imagine how simple they are to make.  We’re talking three ingredients here…or four only if you like them spicy.  How much more simple can it be? The only trick is to buy the best and freshest pecans you can find.  Usually the grocery store pecans are dried and skinny.  I like to go to pecan groves that sell bags of pecans or order Georgia pecans online.  If you only have a few ingredients, then they have to be good ones.

The Second Trick to Making Roasted Pecans

The recipe is simple but you need to watch the oven to be sure that you don’t burn the pecans.  The butter can brown too quickly and the pecans are done for, ruined, kaput.  You get the idea.  You must also sample them liberally along the way to be sure of quality control and to test for doneness. That is a job I will be happy to volunteer for if you invite me over during the cooking process.   I am at your service day or night when Roasted Pecans are in the offering.

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