Running with Scissors

Running with Scissors

Literally, running with scissors.

Chupa is a rascally dog.  He is into EVERYTHING!  If you set something down, he will get it.  If you leave something out, he will get it.  If it’s dangerous or messy, he will get it.



I was placing vinyl lining under my sink today and I set down my scissors.  Next thing I knew Chupa was running with scissors.  If you chase him, he runs faster so you have to pretend you don’t want the scissors and you are just casually offering treats for no reason at all.



At least he has then by the side!



He’s a funny one! That’s for sure.


Another favorite activity of his is to stand on his back legs and sniff the food in the oven. There are vents in the top of the oven door and he loves to stand there and smell the pot roast or other tasty foods inside.


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